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[this is good] Time travel isn't particularly practical anyway. So you go back in time? Try to alter the past and it does nothing because it has already happened. The future? You only see what would happen if all events currently in motion went as planed. The future changes all the time and is always uncertain. Why travel through time when we already are? The present travels through past to future constantly. Only reason I could see wanting to use time travel would be to observe the or to see the "creation" of the universe. Even then, it would be nothing more than a picture. All we have are theories and educated guesses. 

Syrin from Wasilla

[this is good] SuperSparky,
Clearly GOD has it all under control! Constantly, man does NOT! Love this statement..... So when God says "Let there be light".  He's giving an instruction on organizing the materials necessary to form the solar system.
Thanks- great read......


I think if we could master a time machine adding a function to calculate putting you down in the same space you left from would be pretty easy.  The tardis doesn't seem to have a problem with it.  Lets go with the wormhole theory.  Wormholes, theoretically, travel through space and time.  So, if you could manipulate one opening up at one spot in space time, you should be able to manipulate it opening up at the second set of coordinates. 


Ignoring the Tardis remark :-) ....Seriously, opening a wormhole, if possible, considering you essentially need the power of a small start to even consider doing it, still would involve having an apparatus to keep it "traveling" with your relative position in the galaxy and another apparatus at the other end traveling relative to that star system's position would be the only way to have a stable worm hole.  That would be considerably easier than trying to attempt to calculate the trajectory of both ends to keep them relatively (being the key word) still.Opening a stationary wormhole would mean the stars etc. would just zoom by its other opening.  Having an anchor on each end traveling with the galaxy/star system/orbits/ etc. would be the only way to seriously do it.If stationary, then you'd have to work out the trajectory of the other end to get the traveling time just right up to the millisecond, otherwise you're stranded in space.Unlike science fiction, astronomical objects like stars and planets are not sitting still.  Think of it like this:You are a ship on a very large high flowing river with many eddies and sub-currents traveling in, what you perceive as one direction.  You want to throw a rope to another ship miles away traveling in a different direction relative to you and their own sub-currents and eddies in addition to the main river current.  Good luck in getting a rope to them, and that's just a two dimensional model.Incidentally, the "science" in Doctor Who is the poorest I have seen in any sci-fi show and that's sad.  The "cheese" gets old really quick.


I understand the problem, but I just think that if we get to the point of actually being able to manipulate a worm hole the math of getting it to open precisely where we want it to open is going to be easy in comparison.  What about the time machine in the Time Machine.  It was basically a fast forward and rewind button.  The machine stayed in the same location only with things changing around it.  It was anchored to that single place.  I realize that this machine is slightly more scientific than the tartis, but who knows what dimensions we will be able to tap into in the future.  Dr. Who is fun, you just have to ignore physics. 


Well, Billy Piper was cute...  My problem with the Doctor is there are too many Earth based alternate pasts and futures.  That gets old fast, and seriously, the Daleks are boring bad guys.  I haven't seen an episode since Piper.As to the "fast forward" thingy...  hmmm... interesting perspective.  However, anchoring the machine to the Earth would require the Earth to participate in the journey as well.  Time travel would require velocity or space folding or something like that.  Being anchored to the Earth eliminates those possibilities, at least on an individual scale.Very interesting perspective though.  A+ on imagination!


You should watch the episode "Blink," as it was very good. 

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