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      "The message of the Republicans, that anyone can succeed if they worked at it and tried hard was lost to the free handout."I loved that first video.  I had to add it to my VOX library.  If you haven't had a chance to dig around in their, I'd recommend it.  Lots of great information and lots of great entertainment.Great post.  Keep it up.


I love Machosauce!  I'm subscribed to him on Youtube, and he always gets crap from people calling him "house nigga" and "Uncle Tom" on his comments.  It's unbelievable that people won't listen to the plain truth, and just spit out their hate and anger.  But he doesn't let it curtail him, he just keeps posting.I liked the CNN video, too.  Too bad McCain doesn't truly understand his conservative base.  In this video at about 1:55, in response to this brave man who stands up for him, he says "I want to address the greatest financial challenge of our lifetime with the positive plan of action that Senator Obama and I have."  WHAT??


I've been scanning some of my past articles, and what I find most amusing about the last video is McCain completely missing the point (as usual), ignoring the conservative, and pedaling the "maverick" crap he always pedals.  Here this man gives him as great opening and opportunity to expound on the mans words, and instead he chooses to use one of his centerist talking points that nobody gives a crap about.I always wondered if McCain has one of those stadium sized echo chambers in his head and just loves to hear himself and Democrats make weird noises just to hear how it sounds.Why is this idiot a Republican, and how did he ever get the nomination?I hope a real conservative runs in 2012, be it a he or she, they have my vote if they have the balls to stand up for conservative principles and get the country out of socialism.

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