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You should hear the emotionally invested professionals when you dispute their claim that the debate is over.  You get statements like, "What?!!!!  You have to be an absolute theocrat to believe that!!!"  No, I just don't have to have faith in Al and Barack the secular messiah.Who's relying on faith here?  Me the conservative Christian who questions the unproven theories along with 37,000 scientists or the liberals who do not question the unproven theory but take Al's word that the debate is over?


Remember this statement:"If you don't believe in God, then it's much easier for you to believe in the ridiculous and the unproven."  Why?  Even the atheistic eventually have to attach meaning to their lives, and if they refuse the obvious, then they will attach themselves to the ridiculous to gain that meaning.Examples:*  The mystical power of crystals.  Cue Star Trek effects now.*  Scientology (aliens?  Oh please!).  L Ron Hubbard was a science fiction author!  Hello?!*  The religion of Global Warming.  This is the best one.  It has an original sin, it has a redeemer (Al Gore), it has a judgement day (there's only "X" years left!), and it has a means of absolution (No more CO2 emissions), and has a means of forgiveness or baptism (carbon credits).*  Militant PETA (you murderer!).*  Millitant Vegitarianism (you murderer!)


Absolutely right.  In most cases they believe the government is the only means by which they can accomplish this salvation by mandated 'personal and business morality.'

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