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[this is good] It's totally obvious the media got exactly the Republican candidate they wanted.  What better way to elect someone (Obama) who, by all historical measurements, was absolutely unelectable.  John McCain, who once was an American hero, but who was definitely not a conservative.  A man who demonstrated this time and time again.  A man, by all standards, should have been registered as a Democrat, like Joe Lieberman.Now Michelle points out what was patently obvious.  That McCain did not surround himself with people that actually practiced what he preached.  I hope it is also patently obvious to the Republican leadership that their attempts to alienate the conservative base and stand on a platform of "reaching across the aisle" is plainly stupid and a guaranteed way to lose.People win elections with conservative principles.  It's that simple.  Even Democrats know this.  Which is why far left liberal candidates always try to make themselves appear far more conservative than they are, during an election.  It works even better when a real conservative runs and shows it by showing his passion for why he believes that way.  It's what got Ronald Reagan Elected twice.  The appearance of conservatism (and having a fairly conservative majority in congress) is also what got Clinton elected twice.  It's something demonstrated time and time again about what American's want.McCain's dismally fought campaign full of out of touch whiners and full of new, but bad, ideas along with his refusal to point out Obama's dangerous weaknesses, is what lost him this election.  Reagan had integrity and never hesitated to call evil "evil" and a spade a "spade".  McCain, with all of his speeches and books of integrity never showed it by his actions.  Mind you, he has integrity, but it's very weak compared to the real integrity Reagan demonstrated time and time again.  Integrity isn't just being dignified or not stooping to someone's level.  Integrity also involves standing up for what is right and not cowering and refusing to fight what should be fought.  McCain's integrity only involved the first half.McCain may have been a warrior once that was horribly tortured by the enemy and in the end came out a hero.  However, it's almost like he stopped fighting after that in his political career.  He kept trying to appease, to find the easy way out, to not "rock the boat".  He truly believes like a lot of liberals, that you have to get everyone talking and appease here and there to do good.  Reagan, always fought like a warrior throughout his political life.  He was never afraid of the opposition and never gave up on principles to get things done.  Reagan always had a list of things he'd never compromise on (principles) nor give up.  Sure, there were trivial things of semantics he would negotiate with, but he'd never ease up on what was important.Conservatism, for the first time in history, lost the Presidency.  A socialist, a Marxist won this election because people saw the poorest example of conservatism in McCain since Hoover.  McCain's only good decision in the whole process was to actually bring in a real conservative as his VP running mate, yet none of the weasels in his campaign wanted to let her be herself.  The very thing that brought McCain's poor numbers up to par with Obama's (a gain of 15%), the McCain campaign wanted to hush or change, and now they are whining about it.  If you bring in someone who causes your campaign to gain 15% approvals in one single day, then you let them be themself and stop trying to make them someone they are not.  Get them out there to speak as often as possible.  That that 15% gain.  If McCain's ego would have allowed him to win on her coat tails then so be it.  Too bad, that's twice you screwed up a Presidential campaign McCain.  You are now the poster boy for what not to do.Let's be honest with each other, the only reason why McCain was the nominee was because of Huckabee.  Huckabee was the Repulican equivalent to Ross Perot.Can you imagine how different history would have been if Huckabee hadn't been so stubborn in admiting an obvious defeat?If Palin ran in 2012, I'd vote for her.  If there was a Palin/Romney ticket (I don't care who was running for President), I can't think of anything that would cause them to lose, except for maybe a petty and whining campaign staff.  Frankly, McCain deserved to lose, but Obama shouldn't have won.Next year, when Obama is sworn in, he'll be our President.  Sure, I didn't vote for him, but the office of President of the United States demands respect, no matter who holds it.  He won it the way the Constitution says it should.  He will be, and deserves to be addressed as, "Mr. President".


[this is good]


A GOP lawyer has been dispatched to Alaska to retrieve some of Palin's clothes.  I sorta feel sorry for her now that she lost.


I believe it was McCain that lost it, not her.  McCain is a much more powerful person than Palin is, and those campaign "aids" and such know that if they pointed a finger at his weaknesses, they'd never work in D.C. again.  However, it's much easier to point to the outsider, the one that wouldn't play ball, and instead of a failure you can be a hero.  Remember, in D.C., failures are lauded as heroes if they blame a conservative.Although I find it ironic the press is still engrossed in trying to nitpick and destroy a woman that ran for Vice President and is worried about what clothes she wore, instead of investigating an obvious trail of illegal campaign donations to the Democratic candidate, many by dead people (a typical Chicago sleazebag method), foreigners, many by people who couldn't possibly have donated that much themselves and were obviously launderers for the real donators.  It was the most obviously corrupt process in the history of presidential campaigns, even more so than the Clinton's.  Yet, the press ignored it and chose to go after a woman that had nothing to hide, and happens to like wearing her own styles of clothes and not what people tell her to wear.Odd, very odd.Here's one thing you can count on with Palin.  If she bought those clothes fair and square, aka fairly, then she'll tell the lawyer to shove it where the sun don't shine, but if she finds he has a point she will hand him the clothes in question with an apology.  You just watch.  I get the real impression these so-called "anonymous" sources will be exposed by her refusing to give her own clothes.  You see, in the USA you have a right to face your accusers.  If she knows she's right, she'll call their bluff.  Nevertheless, whatever the case, she will do the right thing, whatever that may be.


That story is false just like all the other stories against Sarah Palin.  But that wouldn't matter to Madonna.  Just so long as Madonna gets her way.  Literal liberal doxology.


[this is good] Liberals just can't help it.  The problem is that every time a false story comes out, the less anyone believes them and those that spread this trash.  The story of the boy that cried "wolf!" applies to liberals, especially in this situation.The only reason why Sarah Palin is STILL being attacked is that they know she is a very real threat to the Marxist messiah in 2012, should she decide to run for President.

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