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Great work.  I just love this sort of collecting.  My hobby is allegories.


The most unexpected, yet oddly truthful quote and most applicable to
today, I think I have here is the one by (believe it or not) John F.
Kennedy under the "Congress and the Washington Establishment" topic.  I
wonder if Ted ever bothered to listen to his brother?For a
hard-core Democrat (he's a Kennedy after all), he had expressed, on the
rare occasion, some very conservative principles and ideas.  I don't
think he was a very good President, but he did have his poignant


As Dennis Prager is fond of saying, "I didn't leave the Democrats, the Democrats left me."  They have moved so far to the left, there is no longer any authentic thought or reason in the party.


This is a wonderful collection!  Democrat and Republican are not static names... the two parties have do-si-doed back and forth more than once; it's hard to say we fall completely under one title or the other.  And must agree with you about Kennedy :-)

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