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It's not over yet. This all depends on Jane's grandmother now.

Jane knows her much more than I do. Jane is worried that she might just have her committed and then lost to the system. Who knows? Nevertheless, she has a better chance than where she was.


A positive step in the right direction.


Just the first step in a very long stairway, but on the right path nevertheless.


Another update and it's not good news. Jane's mother is back with her boyfriend.

Jane and I came up with an idea. She wants to get her mother out of that environment for at least a while, though she prefers permanently. Jane and I will drive her to some beautiful places (Southern California has many) for the day and wheel her around to see them. No, not places with a crowd, but places hidden yet spectacular. Besides, LA isn't known for its fresh air.

We want to show her what she is missing out on.


That is a good idea though I'm sorry to hear the news about the boyfriend reunion.

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